Saturday, November 18, 2006

Don't Touch that Trojan Horse!

I oppose the current effort to gain a fourth congressional seat for Utah via a compromise with the Democrats that would also grant a seat to the District of Columbia. I think that it would be better for Utah to just wait fours years and gain the new seat on its own. The current proposal is unconstitutional and further erodes federalism in this country. In many ways it is a Trojan horse, tempting us to bring-on our own destruction.

Though it is not my main consideration, as a Republican with traditional conservative values, I also believe that this proposal just does not make sense politically. In my opinion, it would lay the groundwork for the District of Columbia to eventually receive representation in the Senate. For the good of the country, I do not want two more extremely liberal Democrats in that important body.

The good news is that Jeremy Roberts and some other party activists are going to introduce a resolution at the next Salt Lake County Republican Party Central Committee meeting on December 2nd in an effort to stop this bad piece of legislation. (See related Deseret Morning News article)

I urge all like-minded individuals to show up and join in the fight. Perhaps it would even be a good idea to contact Jeremy in advance and offer to help him organize a lobbying effort directed toward both elected officials and grass roots activists. (We should each be calling our own representatives now anyway.)

He's a pretty good fund-raiser from his time on the Lincoln Club, maybe a quality mailer or something could be prepared that would explain all the problems with the current proposal. I found the following telephone number for Jeremy on the web: (801) 545-0105. I am assuming that it is still current, and that it is okay with him to distribute it. But, if not, this would not be the first time I was presumptuous.


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