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The YFZ Children are Being Abused . . . by Texas

I posted the following comments today on the Wake Up America blog in response to their recent article:

I think the following newspaper article should help some of us God Fearing (Loving) Christians to be a little bit more humble:


Headline: "Former pastor charged with attempted rape may be close to resolving case"

By Stephen Hunt
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 04/16/2008 12:28:30 PM MDT

Posted: 12:29 PM- The former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Salt Lake City - charged with attempting to sexually assault a woman at his Midvale home - on Tuesday waived his right to a preliminary hearing in anticipation of resolving the case.

Scott Weisser, 52, is charged with attempted rape, a first-degree felony, and class B misdemeanor assault in connection with the alleged March 16 attack.

Weisser could settle the case during a hearing scheduled for May 1, prosecutors said.

Also on Tuesday, 3rd District Judge Stephen Roth released Weisser to the supervision of Pre-Trial Services. Weisser had been held at the Salt Lake County jail in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Weisser - who resigned as pastor following his arrest - entered a bedroom in the home and attempted to have sex with an adult relative, who repeatedly told him no and fought him off, according to charges.

Weisser also dragged the woman into a door jamb, causing slight abrasions to her hip, court documents said. The Salt Lake Tribune generally does not name alleged sexual-assault victims.

Hey wannabe, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand. When those cases are in the news we report it, READ THE RULES and stick to the topic or you won't be commenting for long.


Dear Susan,

Please forgive me if I have broken a site rule. I promise that it was not my intention to do so. And, just so that I do not mess up in the future, could you please tell me what rule exactly that I have broken? Because, with all due respect, I sincerely believe that the newspaper article I quoted related very much to the issue we are currently discussing -- and was actually one of the more respectful comments I had read here.

You see, the Texas authorities tell us that they found three pregnant teenage girls on that YFZ Ranch. (Only 3 out of 416 kids) If that is true, and assuming that at least half the children on that ranch are girls, then the teenage pregnancy rate in that supposedly "crazy polygamist" community is actually much lower than the teenage pregnancy rate for girls in the rest of the state of Texas! To put it bluntly -- that ranch full of "nut jobs" is actually a much safer place for protecting the virtue of teenage girls than most other places in the state.

QUESTION: So, then, why did the Texas authorities raid the YFZ Ranch and not, let's say, Grand Prairie?

ANSWER: Because, it's okay to violate the Constitutional rights of people we don't like, people of another culture, people who practice a different religion than our own. Then, suddenly, due process can simply be ignored. Parental rights can be ignored. The natural bond between a parent and child can simply be thrown out the window.

Whatever very real abuse was suffered by SOME OF THE GIRLS on that ranch by certain tyrannical jerks, it can't be too much worse than the abuse -- THE VERY REAL ABUSE -- being inflicted upon ALL OF THE CHILDREN from that community by the tyranny of the state of Texas.

SUGGESTION: Find the actual men who married and impregnated those under-aged girls. Present the evidence in a court of law. And, then, throw the bums in jail. That is the American way. But, do not rip innocent children out of the arms of their mothers and kid yourself that you are doing anything but being EXTREMELY CRUEL. You are not helping the children. Rather, you are consigning them to foster care Hell, seemingly endless nights of crying themselves to sleep, and scarring them for the rest of their lives. If there is a just God in Heaven -- and I know that there is -- then the day will come when everyone involved in this massive tragedy (on both sides) will have to give an accounting. Until then, I pray that mercy and wisdom will prevail, but I have not seen too much of that so far.

SUMMARY: So, how does the recent newspaper article that I quoted relate to this issue? It relates in this way: When the police in Utah were alerted to the fact that a local Baptist minister had attempted to rape a relative, they did not use that as a provocation for raiding all of the Baptist homes within his congregation in order to remove all the Baptist children from their parents and put them in foster care. Why? Because it would been against the law, and more importantly, doing so would have been immoral. Hopefully, enough good folks in Texas will come to this realization too.

Love, Your Friend and Brother,
Alienated Wannabe

P.S. Please do not think that I am bashing Texans or Baptists. I have strong family ties to both the state of Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention. I know of the goodness inherent in both, and I feel a love and loyalty toward both -- my mother was born in Texas and my great grand daddy was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas. It is just that I also know all too well the bigotry and ignorance that exists in the region toward Mormons in general, not to mention toward this small group of polygamists that split off from the main Mormon body a century ago. Thus, someone has to remind certain folks in Texas that, as strange as these people may seem, they are not that different from you. They love their kids, and they are usually pretty good parents. The sins of a few misguided men leading them does not justify traumatizing the entire population. Officials in Utah and Arizona learned that a long time ago. (Recently, they arrested their leader Warren Jeffs, but left the families intact.) Their counterparts in Texas still need to figure it out.

For more on this topic, and more eloquently presented, please read the most recent article posted on the website of conservative radio talk show host, Bob Lonsberry, at

Thank you, and God bless!

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